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From 2nd January 2018

Franchising Opportunity

Make your dreams a reality!

Are you a vet registered with SAVC?
Do you have veterinary practice experience?
Have you ever considered running your own practice?
A VETWORLD franchise might be for you!

VETWORLD has franchise opportunities available in South Africa, nation-wide, right now!

Please download and complete the Franchise Application Form. Upon completing the form, please e-mail it to and we'll contact you about joining the VETWORLD family!

Download Franchise Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much capital do I need to open a VETWORLD Franchise?
    The all-inclusive cost of a franchise starts at R 150,000. This is needed to buy in your start up drugs and consumables as well as basic consultation tools.
  • What support can I expect from of the franchising partners?
    The following equipment is provided by the veterinary group partner:
    • Consultation table and 2 chairs
    • Microscope
    • Desk and chair
    • Fitted cabinets and safe for drugs
    • Procedure stainless steel table and light
    • PC + specialized veterinary CRM software
    • Total value R 100.000
    The following support is provided by the veterinary group partner:
    • Internal continues personal development
    • Specialized veterinary CRM software training
    • Fee price structure
    The following is provided by the Management partner
    • Receptionist / hospitality 365 days
    • Online booking system 24/7
    • Invoicing and Fee collection
    • CRM
    • POS setup
    • Electricity and water provided
    • Consultation and procedure rooms provided
    • Total Value R 12.000 per month
  • What will our ROI be?
    70% of the turnover is for the franchisee. 15% of the turnover is for the veterinary group partner and 15% of the turnover is for the management partner.

    VETWORLD has extensive infrastructure and expertise in the following areas:
    »   Training
    »   Human Resources
    »   Retail Management
    »   Marketing
    »   Information Technology
    »   Product Management
    »   Business Administration / Book keeping
    »   Property
  • What sort of ongoing support do we get?
    VETWORLD has a team of veterinary specialists and management specialists available to help and support you through every step of the journey.