Pet Insurance: Is it really worth it?

Many pet owners are apprehensive about Pet Insurance for a variety of reasons. With the high cost of living, adding another debit order can seem daunting. Let’s discuss the benefits of good pet insurance, options, costs and what to be aware of.

Your pet is an integral part of your family and the cost of regular veterinary bills and emergency hospitalisation, in particular, can be prohibitively expensive. You would never want to be in a situation where you are either unable to pay for their healthcare or incur costs that could put a real strain on your financial circumstances. Similarly, imagine having to decide whether it is worth incurring costs or potentially losing your beloved pet. Emergencies are very stressful and the only worry you should be the wellbeing of your pet and not the associated, and unexpected, bills that come with good medical treatment.

There are many pet insurance providers with most of the big insurers all providing certain types of cover for certain animals. At Petworld we are proud to offer Dotsure exclusively as we believe they offer the most comprehensive cover for all pet categories, with the best benefits and a variety of options to suit every budget. They are also the number one rated insurance provider on Hello Peter with over 5000 reviews, an average rating of 4.63 (out of 5) and a near-perfect trust index of 9.9!

Types of Cover:

Policies range in price and can include one, more or all of the following benefits depending on your specific pet. Certain pr-existing health conditions and benefits may be excluded so always consult your insurance provider to ensure you understand the limits of your cover in relation to your animal.

  1. Third-Party Liability: You may be liable for the damage or injury your pet causes to other people or their property. This cover ensures that should your pet be the cause of such damage you will be covered up to a certain value.
  2. Accidental Cover: Cover for veterinary costs associated with diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s accidental injury.
  3. Illness Cover: Cover for veterinary cost arising from the diagnosis and treatment of an illness.
  4. Wellness Benefits: Cover for certain vaccinations, elective sterilisations, micro chipping, faecal tests, deworming, flea control and dental check-ups (if applicable to your type of animal.
  5. Hereditary Cover: Limited cover for veterinary bills associated with the treatment of hereditary illness.

Which Pet Categories can be Covered?

Most people are familiar with dog and cat insurance, however, Dotsure also offers insurance for birds and other exotic pets.

  1. Cat Insurance
  2. Dog Insurance
  3. Bird Insurance
  4. Exotic Pet Insurance

Case Study: Dog Insurance

To give you an idea of the plan options, monthly premiums and cover limits please read the case study below done on a 2-year-old Greyhound dog. You can access an instant online quote for your own pet by clicking on this LINK

There are four plans offered, starting with Accidental with a premium as low as R 77 per month. A Basic plan with a premium of R 178 per month that includes accidental cover and partial illness cover. Superior cover includes accidental, illness and hereditary cover and also has wellness benefits with a monthly premium of R 405 per month. For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at the benefits, costs and limits of the Standard Plan:

  1. Premium: R297 per month
  2. Annual policy limit: R 29,800 for every twelve-month period.
  3. Third-party liability: R178,600 for every twelve-month period.
  4. Accidental cover: R 10,100 per claim for veterinary expenses linked to accidental injury.
  5. Illness Cover: R 10,100 per claim for veterinary expenses associated with diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

Sub Limits:

  1. Medication: R 2380 annual limit / R595 per claim
    Medication prescribed by your vet for the treatment of an accident or illness.
  2. Surgery: R 3600 per claim
    Medication prescribed by your vet for the treatment of an accident or illness.
  3. Radiology: R 2380 annual limit / R 800 per claim
    X-rays and scans required for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Pathology: R 2380 annual limit / R 820 per claim
    Diagnostic tests to determine treatment for your pet.
  5. Non-elective procedures: R 3600 per claim
    Any other procedure or treatment required to treat the insured event.
  6. Non-elective euthanasia: R 180 per claim
    Contribution in the unfortunate event of your veterinarian prescribing putting your animal down.

Some important T’s & C’s:

  1. Excess: 10% on all claims (zero percent on wellness claims)
  2. Waiting Period: No waiting period on accidental claims, 30 days for first illness or wellness claim.

Hereditary claims have a 12-month waiting period, however, this cover is not included with the standard plan used in this case study example.

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